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Two Wolves

A dark, complex classic NCIS story by Xanthe.
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Xanthe’s First Original Novel, Ricochet, is a 173,000 word epic page-turner, telling the story of a control freak sub and a wayward dom, and their journey towards finding each other – and themselves in the process. It has all the angst, humour, drama and sexiness you would expect to find in one of Xanthe Walter’s BDSM universe stories. You can buy Ricochet in paperback and e-book format from the following outlets:

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Ricochet, is the latest offering from the BDSM Universe and first original character novel from Xanthe Walter

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Collar Crime

Award Winning Drama

See what others are saying about Ricochet

“I was so excited when I saw the book available on the 3rd….and I immediately bought it for my Kindle (reviewed and 5 star rated over on Amazon!)…this was at 6am…and I then read the first dozen or so chapters in bed..’I’ll get up after the next chapter…or the next…can’t leave yet – one more chapter!’ I’m now on my second read through! (For some chapters it will be a third read….I kept going back to reread favourite bits!). It is just awesome! Seriously, I loved it!” McShepletGirl

“To summarise it up, buy Ricochet, you won’t regret it, esp if you have read her other stories, Xanthe is an excellent writer who will pull you into the book’s world – whether it be an original or a fanfiction story and I look forward to her next story!” Sexycazzy

“It was written so well, just like all your other work and I could not put it down for a minute. Please, please tell me that there will be a second book about the lives of Rick, Matt and all the others. I can’t wait to read it again and again and again.” Greyhound

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