I’ve been working really hard on a new novel, and it’s now nearly 40,000 words long. I think you’ll really like this one – it’s sci-fi, it’s got a great big murder/mystery at the centre, and it’s set in London, in the future. There’s also a complicated gay love story at its heart. I’m enjoying unravelling all the things in my head – it’s challenging to write a murder/mystery and eke out all the little details, as well as covering the sci-fi aspects, AND throwing in the romance, but I love that about it. It’s a darker, angstier book than Ricochet – as with my fanfic, I want to write in a range of different genres and this is a very different work to Ricochet. I hope to start doing some snippets and teasers soon. For now, I can reveal that there’s a slave boy called Alex in it ;-).

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