We’ve had a redesign at Xanthewalter.com – I hope you like the new look! It should be easier to navigate as well as being prettier and more modern. Thank you so much to Jacci for all her hard work in developing the new look – I’m really thrilled with it.

We have a new Site Credits section – if you enjoy doing fan art, by all means send it to me as we love to feature fan works on the site. There is also a new Free Fiction page. I’ve been delighted by how many people have found my writing via my original character novel Ricochet and are therefore unfamiliar with my massive back archive of fanfiction. The Free Fiction page links back to some of the classic stories on my fanfiction website. There are hundreds of free stories there for you to read while you’re waiting for a new Xanthe Walter original novel.

Talking of which… I’ve just finished Book Two in my brand new trilogy and, as you can see from the countdown clock, I will be unveiling the first teaser post on Sunday 14th September at 11am British Summer Time. The combined word total currently stands at 283,621 and Book Three should bring us in somewhere around the 400,000 mark. If you want to follow my writing progress in more detail, please friend me on my personal Facebook page.

We have lots of exciting updates planned for between between now and when the novels are published – not just teaser posts, but several other ‘goodies’ that I don’t want to spoil for you right now, but are going to be lots of fun!

I don’t have a publishing date yet, because I need to finish the third book in the series and then I need to edit all three books and send them to external editors, as well as sorting out cover art and a billion other things. However, if you sign up to the Xanthe Walter newsletter, you’ll be first in line to find out about any updates – or you can just keep checking back here, or on my official Facebook page.

I’m sorry it’s such a long wait for another Xanthe Walter novel, but I hope that the fact there are three in progress and two of them are already complete makes up for that! It’s like that old adage about buses – wait hours for one, and then three turn up all at once! I’m very pleased with the novels so far – they still need some revisions and tweaks, but I’m very much in love with the story I’m writing. It’s a typical Xanthe story, full of angst and plotty things. For those familiar with my fanfic, it most resembles stories like Hiding in Plain SightFrozenAfterThe Adversary and Two Wolves – and yet it’s also very different to anything I’ve done before – I’ve created a whole new world for this series.

Each of the novels has its own title, and I hope to unveil the titles and cover art as I finish each milestone in the writing and editing process, along with extracts and explanations about the titles, as they all refer to specific ideas and concepts in the novels :-). So this website will be buzzing with regular updates in the coming months – I’m looking forward to the excitement of all the updates and publishing news!

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